Shaw & Christler Equipment Technologies LLC | Services
We offer consulting, used equipment, and installation contracting services on equipment we sell. We work on an hourly or project fee basis.
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Broad Industry Knowledge

Consulting, Used Equipment, & Contracting

Because we know the plastics processing business we can offer clients a full range of expertise and solutions.



Let us put our experience to work for you on your next project.We work on an hourly or project fee basis. Our expertise includes: plastics machinery and equipment appraisals, plant workflow and machinery layout, process and procedure review, process water system design and revision material handling system design and revision and custom tailored equipment operation.

Used Equipment

Used equipment can be a cost effective solution for many businesses. Let us help you with your used equipment requirements. We purchase and stock quality used auxilliary equipment. We can advise you on machine suitability and market pricing. Use our expertise to and find just the right piece for your needs.


Let us be your single source for equipment and manage the install too! We design and execute to your requirements, large or small. From processs water systems to material storage and conveying installations, we offer experience proven with dozens of solutions installed throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is most commonly used manufacturing process for fabrication of plastic parts.

Plastics Extrusion

In plastics extrusion raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is suitable for creating complex, high-strength objects.

We are here to assist with all your plastics processing needs